Website Services

Website Services

Website Design

We make your business stand out. If you haven’t updated the “look” of your main website in the past year, you are probably driving away as much business as you are attracting. As the Internet has matured so has website design, optimization, and search engine compliancy.

​​All websites are not created equally. We offer affordable and completely custom, eye-catching designs that load quickly and are fully compatible with all major browsers, smart phones and tablets. Often, smaller companies and non-profits pay a lot of money for boilerplate sites that cannot be updated in house and often the domain i.e.: joes plumbing dot com, belongs to the company who sold them the site. All of the customer traffic and goodwill you have built up is controlled by them. You don’t pay what they say and it all goes away!

Not so with Skilled Media Group. With us the website is 100% yours and there are no long term contracts or hidden cancellation fees.

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Local Optimized Search Results

Once you have a solid and attractive website presence, it is even more important for new customers to be able to find you at or near the top of a local search for your products or services.
Failing to do this is like making a great TV commercial and then not showing it.

We are proficient at promoting your website with effective measurable AdWords pay-per-click campaigns, a strong Google Plus company page, and localized SEO to improve organic search engine results. We know where the fish are biting. Call us and let’s get to work! Otherwise no matter how great your products or services are and how great your website looks, no one knows it - but you!

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Company Video Production

​It is a proven fact that a well produced video on the homepage of your website is a favorable marketing tool. Our video design division has 30+ years of experience making state of the art corporate and small company videos. In the world of Internet marketing, websites without video content are considered sub standard and ranked lower in all search results. This reflects a poor image of your business, but is easily corrected.

Google has made it clear that online video and mobile presence are two of the leading factors in how it calculates organic (non-paid) search results. Today’s buyers are visual and pressed for time, but a well-produced short website video or video catalog can quickly capture and influence choices and buying decisions. Skilled Media Group understands this quite clearly and advises you to do the same. Our in-house video production studio and experienced professionals produce dynamic high quality videos for your website and for Youtube Pre-Roll Ads.
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Website Hosting

​We offer dependable, safe and secure off site hosting and back up solutions for all of our website customers. Just as not all website customers are alike, our monthly maintenance and support plans vary - however all are affordable. Regardless of which plan a customer chooses, we never compromise our high standard of customer service.

We take security very seriously and to the extreme. Every two weeks from the date we activate your desktop website, it's backed up on secure external drives, separate from our servers. For your additional protection the back ups have redundant back ups on additional secure external drives that are kept offsite in our security vault.