Mobile Websites (Responsive)

Mobile First

When searching on a tablet or mobile phone Skilled Media Group makes it easier for your customers to find your business and for you to find your customers. It's as simple as that!

Imagine a potential customer is on their tablet or smart phone and is nearby trying to find a business like yours. But when he explores typical Google (Yahoo or Bing) search results, the potential customer finds your website that clearly wasn’t designed for a mobile device. It’s frustrating and too hard to use so you've just lost that sale. Google STATS show that users are 5 times more likely to leave a website that isn't mobile friendly. Even though your business might be a perfect fit! Or worse yet, that potential customer goes to your competitor who has already made a mobile friendly site.

Tablet and smart phone users are looking for sites that work for them! And with mobile usage growing by leaps and bounds this means a lot of new opportunities to reach your customers.

We help you mobilize your existing site today, including well researched "call to actions" like Call Us, Find Us, Email Us and more.

Stop losing business and call us today to Get Your Business Mobilized!